Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anthologies & Apologies

I have been scrambling to get things together for SPX, so I haven't posted in a while. To catch you up, I will be in these two anthologies this fall:

Kramers Ergot 7

An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories: Volume 2 (Yale University Press)

* * *

Here is one of my panels from Kramers Ergot 7.

Bonus Trivia:
(1) That body of water is Lake Eerie.
(2) The book I'm reading is "Cruddy" by Lynda Barry.
(3) The squiggles and soft stars indicate feeling like Snowy-on-Loch-Lomond.

My last minicomic got a nice mention in the new issue of Giant Robot.


Carbon Sjadeebe said...

james, can i run this circle panel in the new issue of my new "coffee news" rip-off onesheet? it will be as a trivia supplement with your trivia questions attached. if no, please call me asap q shambazug. if yes make no effort to contact me for the next 20 minutes. i'll give you a stack to hand out at the thing, if you're into it-- free items can grease a pleasant palm in a fest setting.

jacob said...

oh, that post was from me, jacob berendes

jean said...

man, you got the snowy drawing totally right on. I feel like that at the moment, but it's from staying up all night finishing a poster design for some people (the colors look wack on firefox), not from drinking whiskey. oh well...

Sam Gas Can said...

It's going to be an exciting winter!